‘Boundary Lines’ Parent Workshop

‘Boundary Lines’ Parent Workshop

Pushing boundaries, not so silently protesting and doing their own thing are all par for the course when raising littl’uns. So, when you’re already stretched to your limit, sometimes it’s a toss-up between knowing whether to laugh or join in with their crying!

Boundary Lines – Setting loving limits in the early years, is a brand-new event, from Care for the family, for parents of under- fives. It will give you the tools and confidence to navigate their surprisingly strong will power, so you can keep a loving connection with your child, whatever they throw your way!

You can register online and watch from home on any of the dates suggested via the link below.

Tickets are £5 and payable directly to Care for the Family when you register HERE


Why not join with other parents and watch together in the Church building on Tuesday 2nd November at 8pm. We may be able to help with babysitting if that is helpful – simply let us know when registering. If joining with us, we ask you to still register on the Care for the Family website to ensure you receive all the relevant information and support their work. Click on the link below to see the event details in our calendar, and register there!

‘Boundary Lines’ Parent Workshop