Baby & Toddler: Oct & Nov 2021 Registration

Baby & Toddler: Oct & Nov 2021 Registration

We’re delighted to welcome registration for the months of October & November for our Baby & Toddler Group!

We have been so encouraged by the interest in the group since launching in September and have been thrilled to meet those who have been able to attend, so thank you! We would love to welcome as many as possible each week, therefore we’re using Eventbrite to enable registration.

Due to the necessary and important regulations on social distancing etc, we are seeking to limit numbers each week. However, we would really love to see you with us as we meet. Therefore, we invite you to register by visiting the events page. In doing so, could we ask the following:

  • Please sign up the number of adults who will be attending (max 2 per ‘booking’)
  • Please feel free to sign up to multiple weeks (although to share the spaces for as many individuals as possible, could we ask you to sign up for alternate weeks if possible?) Unfortunately you will have to ‘register’ for each week rather than being able to register multiple dates in one go
  • If plans change (as we know they often do with little ones!), please let us know if you’re unable to attend a session you have registered for in case we are able to invite someone else to join us in your place
  • If a week is marked as ‘full’, do sign up for the waitlist if appropriate, and we will be in touch if a place becomes available

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this process, and if we cacn help in any way, please email or call 02895 433 900